The Little Christmas Hat Project is a commercial venture designed to spread the festive joy of Christmas to more quarters of society. The project was initiated in Singapore in December 2008. To make these Little Christmas Hats, low/no income local housewives are gathered and furnished with raw red velvety cloth and white fur, and are taught how to cut, sew and assemble these materials into a fun festive Christmas Hat. Housewives who cannot leave their homes for various reasons are also allowed to make these hats in the comforts of their homes, bringing employment relief to them. These handmade Christmas Hats are then sold at a profit to individuals and organisations to fund an income for these housewives. Further, a good portion of the remaining profits generated is channeled towards good local charities who do greater good for society.

Thru this entrepreneurial setup, city dwellers and tourists are provided with a unique festival hat that fits everyone and everything, from young to old and from pets to bags. It is our joy as we bring broad Christmas smiles to a big group of people via the Little Christmas Hat Project .