Children Education Fund/Education Sponsorship for Children

The Children Education Fund (CEF) started off in 1999 when the Buddies of Ipoh were still under the Perak Family Planning Association.

The main and only objective of the CEF is to help lessen the burden of educating juvenile PLWHAs and children of PLWHAs who are our clients. It is not meant to be a total "take-over" of responsibility from the infected or affected family.

Expenses included under the CEF are the basic funding needed to get a child to school at the beginning of the year - various fees, workbooks, school uniforms, schoes, bags, stationeries and whatever that may be necessary. Bus fares may also be given on a case to case basis.

As The Buddies of Ipoh is determined to ensure that all the infected and affected children of our clients are not deprived of basic education, in 2007 we set up a Sponsorship Committee to come up with a programme called Education Sponsorship for Children where we hoped to get individual sponsors for each child needing financial assistance for schooling. After various meetings and branistorming sessions, the final set of guidelines, criteria and procedures for the programme was finally approved by the Board in October 2007. CEF will still be continued to cater for the children who need financial assistance at the beginning of each schooling year, while the Sponsorship is more for children who need financial assistance throughout their schooling years.

Responses from various individuals interested to sponsor were tremendous and to date we have 9 children under the sponsorship programme.