The Little Christmas Hat Project 2013 is not currently running in Malaysia. If you are interested to purchase our hats, please email
Post on monday, 18 Nov 2013
We are looking for retail stores & retail venue this year.
Interested party please email to Thank you!
  • The Children Education Fund (CEF)
  • The Little Christmas Hat Project 2011
    Do Fund-Raising. If you are a non-profit organisation or student body, you can get the Little Christmas Hats at a good discount so that you can resell them to do some fund-raising.

    Buy for staff use. Especially suitable if your organisation has a large service crew. Buy one for each of them to add more festivity to your shop / office!

    Buy for your customers. Especially suitable if you are a restaurant, pub, lounge, cinema or any other set-up where you are expecting a lot of party revelers. Run special promotions with the Little Christmas Hat as a gift, or simply opt to sell the hats to make some extra festive cash.

    Sell to your staff. If your organisation has hundreds or thousands of employees, you can sell these Little Christmas Hats to them at the islandwide price of RM10 each, and help raise funds for our adopted charity or if your prefer, for a charitable cause of your choice!